Who’s That Fash? (WTF? #2) – Jairo Rodriguez

Good evening, let’s talk a bit today about Jairo Rodriguez. If you’ve made it this far, it’s likely you’ve heard his name before, however, in case you’re unfamiliar with him allow us to give you a quick run down.

Jairo Rodriguez is one of the more active far-right organizers in the Los Angeles area. While most of his protests target the Hollywood area, he’s also been observed organizing as far as Anaheim.

How dangerous is this individual? While Jairo doesn’t present and physical danger by himself, the crowd he brings with him can be an entirely different story. Wi Spa is a prime example of this.

Jairo organized numerous transphobic Wi Spa actions back in July which ultimately led to 2 people being stabbed and one member of the press being assaulted with a metal rod.

He is deeply involved in the far-right milleau with direct connections to Ethan Schimdt of Phoenix, AZ who spends his time harassing random passerbys for wearing masks – leading to one younger person losing his job.

In response to this, we are going to be releasing the following information:

Name: Jairo Rodriguez

Occupation: Unemployed

Affiliations: Anti-Masker Club/RightNowViews

Instagram handles: realjairo_, RightNowViews, right_now_views, _realjairo

Vehicle: None

Address: 5287 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Who’s That Fash? (WTF? #1) – Tony Moon

Good evening, today we will be discussing a bit about an ongoing threat to the community, journalists, and Los Angeles as a whole. For months now, LA has been terrorized by a man by the name of Tony Moon AKA Roof Korean.

His nickname refers to the 1992 Watts Riots, and more specifically, the group of shop owners of Korean descent who would station at their business armed against protesters. This, however, isn’t the case with Tony Moon. Tony has instead made it clear that instead of defending himself against anyone he perceives as a threat, he’d instead show up at their doorstep in an attempt to intimidate people.

Tony began to garner attention at the July 3rd Wi Spa protests where the far-right teamed up with TERFs (Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminists) in an attempt to harass a LGBTQ+ friendly spa into changing their welcoming policy. During this rally, Tony Moon assaulted a counter-protester with his weapon of choice – A hydro flask.

Violence is an ongoing trend with Tony Moon, being at the capitol riots on January 6th and also going on to assault numerous more people at various different events – even going as far as to try and DOX activists that he claims is with “The SoCal Antifa.” At this point of time we are going to be sharing a list of information you can use to prevent further attacks:

Name: Tony Moon

Occupation: Mortgage Broker

Affiliations: No confirmed affiliations

Twitter handle: @roofkorean7

Vehicle: White Prius (Plate: 6UWA349)

Address: 1046 S Abbot Ave. San Gabriel, CA 91776

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-moon-5614117

SoCal Antifa – FAQ

What is the SoCal Antifa?

The SoCal Antifa is an alliance between multiple local affinity groups who are united in their opposition of Fascism, by any means necessary.

Who’s in charge of The SoCal Antifa?

The affinity groups who make up The SoCal Antifa practice decentralization. Meaning, all organizing is done horizontally. There is not one affinity group nor individual who has been granted more power over the other. Any funding for our efforts are done through either community based fundraising or (more frequently) comes out of our own wallets.

How was the SoCal Antifa formed?

The concept of The SoCal Antifa was created from the ashes of the April 2021 White Lives Matter rally when anti-fascist groups throughout Southern California realized that fascists are willing to drive from Bakersfield to San Diego without a second thought. We must meet them on that playing field in order to have an effective response.


Are the SoCal Antifa agitators?

The only purpose for The SoCal Antifa is to disrupt fascist organizing by any means necessary. Because of this philosophy the SCA often get labeled “agitators” by multiple news outlets We heavily disagree with this sentiment, we respond to threats on the community. If we do not respond, the chances are high that these communities (especially marginalized/underserved communities) will experience acts of violence by the Right. The Harlowe/Abby July-August 2021 protests demonstrate this point pretty well. A group of far-right anti-vaccination protesters gathered in West Hollywood and started to mace innocent bystanders, shouted homophobic/transphobic/misogynistic slurs at patrons, and violently assaulted both random people and press.


Will the SoCal Antifa give information to the FBI or local police?

We do not work with the state. No exceptions. We do not rely on police to respond to fascist threats.


Was “this person” a part of The SoCal Antifa?

We typically do not go to fascist rallies by ourselves, the odd example of anti-vaccination protesters getting shoved, pushed, or punched often times are strangers who are sick of your bullshit

Stop the Matt Gaetz/Marjorie Taylor Greene rally in Anaheim!

As with last time, we are made aware that Riverside Convention Center made the correct move and cancelled on Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz’s planned fascist rally. Unfortunately the Anaheim Event Center has decided to pick up the pieces and host the rally at their location. As such, we will be releasing the following information:

The Director of Operations at the Anaheim Event Center is a woman by the name of Elizabeth Camarillo, you can find her social media accounts here



The following is her contact info:

714-381-8554 (Personal phone)

714-663-2100 (Work phone)

elizabeth@tgtanaheim.com (Work email)

www.lizmejia.com (website)

Use this to contact the Anaheim Event Center and DEMAND that this rally get shut down. We did this once, we can do it again.

Help us stop Riverside Convention Center from hosting a fascist rally

The SoCal Antifa was made aware a few days ago that the original Laguna Beach location was wise enough to cancel on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempt to rally her supporters here in Southern California. This victory was short lived however as Riverside Convention Center has quickly become the willing host of this dangerous rhetoric. In response to this threat, the SoCal Antifa will be releasing the following information:

Scott Megna is the acting President of the Riverside Convention Center as shown on his LinkedIn Account:


His contact info is as follows:

Personal Cellphone – (951) 275-7430

Email – scottmegna@riv-cc.com

Instagram – scott_megna

Address – 3637 5th St. Riverside, CA 92501


We suggest everyone reading this post to contact Mr. Megna and remind him that he is inviting a known predator and dangerous conspiracy theorists into his convention center which WILL attract a large and dangerous crowd into our community. We must put a stop to this before it has the chance to materialize into a greater threat.

The SoCal Antifa – Points of Unity

SoCal Antifa is Anti Fascist – We are united in our opposition to fascism in all of its forms by any means necessary, whether through the state, organizations, or individual actors. We are an anti fascist coalition.

SoCal Antifa is Anti Racist – We are united in our opposition to white supremacy in all of its forms, by any means necessary.

SoCal Antifa is Anti Misogyny – We are united in our opposition to misogyny in all it’s forms, by any means necessary. We are a feminist coalition.

SoCal Antifa is Anti Queerphobia – We are united in our opposition to homophobia, transphobia, and all discrimination against sexual, gender, or romantic minorities.

SoCal Antifa is Anti Capitalist – We are united in our opposition to capitalism in all its forms by any means necessary, whether liberal capitalism or openly fascist.

SoCal Antifa is Anti Imperialist – We are united in our opposition to imperialism, colonization, the white settler state, and all of its weapons and iterations including gentrification. We acknowledge that we live on stolen land.

SoCal Antifa is Anti Kyriarchy – We are united in our opposition to the interconnecting systems built around oppression. The kyriarchy we oppose encompasses but is not limited to sexism, racism, ableism, anti Semitism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia (or any other form of body shaming), classism, xenophobia, adultism, economic injustice, the prison industrial complex, compulsory schooling, and colonialism.

SoCal Antifa will not Cooperate with the State – We are united in our opposition to collaborators, informants, peace police, and snitches of all kinds. We respect a diversity of tactics.

SoCal Antifa is a Coalition – We are a voluntary coalition of autonomous affinity groups. All affinity groups shall maintain their own autonomy, without oversight of any kind by SoCal Antifa, so long as those individual groups do not violate the points of unity of SoCal Antifa.